Artur Aguilar
Francisco Nicolás

Salvado Juampere

...The pictorial practice of Artur Aguilar ( Barcelona , 1946), which began at the end of the 70s, it's been based in the application of geometric and mathematic rules, although distant from the coldness of the general approach of the concrete art of minimalist and reductionist tradition. Through this investigation, he has established spatial relations of proportion, equilibrium, harmony, rhythm and tension taken from the rules that run the nature.

The golden section or golden number - mathematic relation linked to the perfect proportion since the ancient Greece - it's used as an arrangement base of the formal spaces in his work. To the constructive spirit and to the different levels of geometric and spatial structure, he adds chromatic sense in terms of interactive effects and optic vibration, which makes him achieve the coexistence between the sensitive dimension and the rational regulation...

...The chromatic shades made of transparencies, superimpositions and gradations, give sensual resonances over the mental ones in connection with the lyric abstraction. The will of perfection and the pleasure of a well done painting are obvious in the attention to detail in the diction, the immaculate and precious technique and the rigor of the proportions and of the platonic order.

If in the paintings of Artur Aguilar the analytical options rationalize the space, the reduction in the signs articulation enriches the conceptual reading in terms of the values of process, reflection and thought.

Conxita Oliver

Historian and Art critic



Barcelona, 1946
Valls Taberner Prize. Sala Parés.
Barcelona 1975.
Fine Arts Graduate. Barcelona University.
Barcelona 1977.
Draw’s First Prize. Fine Arts Faculty.
Barcelona 1977.
Fine Arts Grant. Generalitat de Catalunya
Barcelona 1985.


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1980 · Architects’ Official Association. Barcelona


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Torroella de Montgrí
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