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Elena Jiménez

ELENA JIMENEZ . 1965 Alicante

Multidisciplinary artist who lives in Madrid .
Printmaking, photography, art installations , drawing and digital printing
Higher Technician of Visual Arts and Design .

Elena Jimenez carried out projects in international workshops in NY , London , and Berlin . From 1 986 s he manages her own workshop studio. She started working in 1991 as Teacher of Engraving & printing techniques in the Madrid City Council and s he is also C oordinator of Professional Graphic Art Workshops

She has performed solo and group exhibitions in Spain , France , Germany , Morocco , Belgium , Portugal , USA , Costa Rica , etc. She has received awards and grants such as the International Engraving Award and the V isual Art Grant .
Her works are included in the collections of a great number of museums and institutions :

For more than twenty years she has worked with paper, mirrors and glass , found objects, etc. Her pieces of artwork are reflections of our society and the relationship between man with nature based on visual games . Dialogues on the representation of perspective from drawing, printing and cutting , light games or reflexes .

Projects not exempt from a discourse that predisposes the viewer 's curiosity, which
create from the analysis of subjectivity in the area of vision and contemporary technological development a metaphor on cultural and physical violence .


Identity and representation .

As with the Jonathan Swift 's satirical novel , adventure, Gulliver 's Travels, my work aims at changing the perception of the viewer and install the subject in new realities , means of processes of representation and production of atmospheres : advertising imagineria .

Also reflect on the relationship between individuals and society .
Gulliver or the trip , is a gaze scenographic construction , as a little theater , where the characters remain ignorant of being puppets on the comedy and alien to hands that manipulated them.

Works located in a cross-border scenario , synchronizing abstraction and representation , serialization and repetition

The figures are represented as Chinese shadows cut , observed from the giants characters that appear on advertising boards and from urban walls backgrounds.
Trimmed in cardboard , vinyl, paper, they are escaping from its frame on the wall ,

are cut disobeying the established rules , like the shadow of Pink Panther , they become independent and they play , modifying spaces and situations , and they have fun.

This project is developed within the framework of the research of contemporary grafías and graphic works and reproduction of image techniques , with an expanded format , mergers , prints drawing , transfers and die cutting .

Images intervened elaborated with collages, made ??from broken and reused works , graphics , painting , digital , that make up polyptychs by means of forming a single piece . Art i nstallations of paper , prints, drawings , everything is related and the other piece emerge in its different forms . A multiple gaze of reality.

As with Gulliver's Travels , our protagonists venture in a changing environment , the subjective. The gaze , the domain of the visual, the graphic representation of the game , are means of creating new spaces and scenarios . A tale , funfair, creatures and their environment , mythology .

Pieces are made of shapes, hands and b odies of historical figures from an identifiable pictorial iconography , hand games as a way of reading nonverbal communication. They s earch and show different languages ??and discourses to better understand this representation , the construction of an identity on the subject and his environment .


Elena Jiménez


Born in Alicante ( Spain ), 1965


1984 Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking. Madrid College of Arts. Spain .

1991Printmaking workshop teacher at the Culture Center of Madrid.



Awards and Grants


2011 Selection residen workspaces El Ranchito . Matadero Madrid
2010 Aid for the production of visual arts . Community of Madrid .
Award " Maria Teresa Toral ". Engraving Museum . Marbella

2009 Fine Arts Prize Maison d´ Espagne, Paris , France

First Award “ Rafael Canogar ”National Prize for Prints, Pinto, Madrid

•  Work acquisition II t Fine Arts Prize “Juan luis Vasallo”.

City Hall Cadiz

First Award National Prize Prints “Luis Garcia Ochoa”. Pinto Madrid

•  Honour Mention. National Prize Prints P Jose Hernandez . Pinto. Madrid

3th Award in the contemporary Engraving Price. , José Caballero, Villa

de la Rozas. Madrid

•  Work acquisition Mislata ( Valencia ) City Hall Bienal of Arts

•  First El Escorial Award in the contemporary Engraving Prize.

•  Honour Mention in Royal Premier V Award of Paintig, Malaga

Pilar Banus Award, Contemporary Engraving Museum of Marbella .

•  Artwork acquisition Award of art Cantabria.

Honour Mention El Escorial Award in the contemporary Engraving Prize.

2002 First Carmen Arocena Award in the National Prize Canary Islands Council.

2001 First Women General Office Award in the Contemporary Engraving Prize of the Madrid City Hall .

1998 Artwork acquisition by the National Engraving Press.

1997 A.N.C.G.E.J. Research Grant. Printmaking Workshop of La Habana , Cuba .

1996 Artwork acquisition in the Fine Arts Prize Alicante City Hall. Spain

1995 First Young Arts Award. Juan Gil Aubert Cultural Instituto. Alicante City Hall . Spain .

1992/93 Artwork acquisition Award The IX and X Collective Alicante Artist Exhibition, Alicante City Hall . Spain

1990 Honour Mention in the Julio Nespeira I, International Printmaking Biannual. Orense . Spain

1983 Workshop Grant. Contemporary Arts Workshop of Circulo de Bellas Artes. Madrid, Director: Pablo Palazulelo.


Solo Exhibitions


2012 CEART Fuenlabrada Madrid 2012 .

Arteinversion . Madrid 2012
2011 Gallery Multiple . Madrid 2011 .

 2009 Patchwork . Pimentel´s palace . Valladolid

Patchwork . Espacio Zambucho Gallery. Madrid

2008 The papers of NY. acction in public space. NY

Open studio Un viaje con gulliver Prohibido no participar

. Barbarin Gallery. Madrid

•  Bro bdingnag Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana. Rincón de la Victoria. Malaga.

Brobdingnag Colegio de España .Paris. Francia

Brobdingnag Galeria Benot. Espacio 2. Cadiz

•  Sal a El Brocense. Caceres

Espacio Zambucho Gallery. Madrid

•  El Monodelatinta Gallery. Madrid

2001 Carmen de la Guerra Gallery . Madrid

2000 Carmen de la Guerra Gallery. Madrid

1996 Rosa Hernández Gallery. Alicante. Spain

1995 Del Progreso Gallery. Madrid. Spain

Valencia City Hall Culture. Alicante. Spain


Collective exhibitions selection


2012 Matadero Madrid 2012

2011 Biennial of Graphic Art , Ciudad de Cáceres.

Centro Torrente Ballester. Ferrol


Internacional Art Symposium Japón

UCR Costa Rica.

2009 XVI Award Contemporary Engraving Museum of Marbella

CORPOREA. .MUA Museum of Alicante . University

Encuentro Iberoamericano .Gallery Nacional. San Jose. Costa Rica

ARTHAUS66 Gallery. Aluquerque. New Mexico. USA

II IBienal of Engraiving Iberomericana.” Ciudad de Caceres”.

2008 ART ENAVAS 08 Contemporary Art Fair . Avila.

XV Fine Arts Prize . Angel Andrade. Ciudad Real

XV Award Contemporary Engraving Museum of Marbella

BAT 17/10 Circulo de Bellas artes. Madrid

II Fine Arts Prize “Juan luis Vasallo”. Cadiz

•  Gallery Barbarin. “Agua” . Madrid

II Bienal of Engraiving Ib eromericana.” Ciudad de Caceres”.

I Printmaking Prize Ciudad de Gijon

Catedral Gallery. Prints. Murcia

2006 Bienal of Engraiving National Calcografia in Rabat

Mislata Award ( Valencia ) City Hall Culture

Bienal of painting Estella-Lizarra

•  Bienal of Engraiving National Calcografia in Llubljana

Conteporary Engraiving Kloster, Betlage. Germany

Printmaking Workshop of La Habana , Cuba .

ESTAMPA. Contemporary Art Fair Madrid

Printmaking Prize Nuevoarte Gallery. Sevilla

•  Espacio Zambucho Gallery

Printmaking Prize Bancaixa. Valencia

ESTAMPA. Contemporary Art Fair Madrid

Bienal of Engraving in Evora Portugal

Bienal of Engraving In Ayamonte Huelva

2003 Printmaking Prize Nuevoarte Gallery. Sevilla

Award Contemporary Engraving Museum of Marbella

ESTAMPA. Contemporary Art Fair Madrid

Calcografia National. Madrid

2002 Oviedo Graphic Art Triennial, National Engraving Press. Itinerant

Casa de América Prize Contemporary Printmaking. Women Office, Community of Madrid .

National Library. Graphic Work Fund.

Arte y Naturaleza Gallery. Madrid

The National Engraving Prize. Itinerant

Museum of Spanish Contemporary Printmaking. Marbella . Spain

2001 ESTAMPA. Contemporary Art Fair Madrid : Temptations, Carmen de la Guerra.Gallery , Zambucho Gallery, ARTSUR Gallery.

Generation 2001. Madrid Chase Bank. Artwork in cover.

2000 ESTAMPA.Mud Media Gallery, Madrid.

Villa de Madrid Printmaking Prize. Conde Duque Culture Center, Madrid.

1999 Ideaarte Gallery, Madrid.

Zambucho Gallery, Madrid.

ESTAMPA. Carmen de la Guerra.Gallery .

1997 Engraving Workshop of La Habana , Cuba .

ESTAMPA. Mud Media Gallery, Madrid.

1996 Del Progreso Gallery. Madrid. Spain

ESTAMPA. Mud Media Gallery , Madrid

Fine Arts Prize Alicante City Hall .

1995 ESTAMPA. Astarte Gallery

Del Progreso Gallery. Madrid. Spain

Valencia City Hall Cultural Centre. Valencia. Spain.

Viciana Gallery, Valencia. Spain.

1994 Cuarta Pared Gallery.

Astarte Gallery.

ESTAMPA. Litografia Artistica Gallery.

Julio Nespereira International Printmaking Biennale, Orense . Spain

Carmen Arozena National Printmaking Prize, Madrid . Spain

1993 ESTAMPA. Litografia Artistica Gallery.

Tórculo Gallery , Madrid .

Fine Arts Prize Alicante City Hall , Alicante . Spain

Valdepeñas Fine Arts Prize, Ciudad Real . Spain

1992 Heen Gallery, Maastrich. Holland

San Clemente Monastery, Sevilla. Spain

Julio Nespereira Printmaking Prize, Orense . Spain .

CEIM Printmaking Prize, Madrid .

1991 La Carboneria Gallery , Sevilla. Spain

1990 Julio Nespereira Printmaking Prize, Orense . Spain .

1989 Pizarro 13 Artist's Studio, Madrid.

Arrells Gallery, Barcelona.

Café Libertad Gallery, Madrid.


Arts Works in Collections and Institutions


Spanish National Library. Madrid

Alicante City Hall

Museum of Madrid Contemporary Art Collection

Community of Madrid

County Women Office, Community of Madrid

The National Engraving Press, Madrid

Museum of Spanish Contemporary Printmaking

Canary Island Council

Cadiz City Hall

Mislata ( Valencia ) City Hall

Printmaking Workshop of La Habana , Cuba

Pilar I Joan Miro Foundation

Madrid Chase Bank

Santander Chase Bank Collection

MAPFRE Collection

REPSOL Collection

BBV Bilbao Vizcaya Chase Bank Collection

Minister of Justice

The Spanish Parliament

Globalia Collection